Toy Story Theme Disney Resort to Open This Year

Disney is planning to open a brand new Toy Story hotel in Japan this year. The brand calls it the “Tokyo Disney Resort Toy Story Hotel” and fans are already getting excited about it online. This development would be the fifth Disney hotel in the country, and will probably be a major attraction as the nation looks to get tourism up after the pandemic threw everything off last year. Remember for a second that Japan was supposed to host the Olympics last summer too, but that was also scrapped due to world events. Now, Disney is pressing forward with one of its most popular franchises. Star Wars hotels in Florida, Toy Story in Japan, and numerous other plans popping up all around the world. The company is trying to jumpstart its hospitality wing with all of these announcements. It’s only been a few days since they announced the opening of the Avengers Campus at Disney’s California Adventure as well.

(Photo: Disney)

Check out what the Tokyo Disney Resort Blog had to say about the new hotel and how it is connected to Tokyo Disneyland.“With the theme of the Disney & Pixar movie "Toy Story" series, this hotel is studded with ingenuity to feel the world of toys in various places such as the exterior, entrance, and lobby,” the statement reads. “Located right in front of Bayside Station on the Disney Resort Line, with easy access to both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea, Disney's dream world continues uninterrupted, from theme park experiences to lodging experiences.”

“It is the first Disney hotel in Japan to be positioned as a "moderate type" *, and guests will be able to newly select a hotel between the deluxe type and the value type,” it adds. “By unifying the specifications of the 595 guest rooms and specializing in the facilities required for accommodation, you can enjoy your stay more easily than a deluxe type Disney hotel.”

Finally, it concludes, “At Tokyo Disney Resort, we will not only introduce new facilities such as Tokyo DisneySea's new theme port "Fantasy Springs" (scheduled to open in 2023), but also enhance hotels that meet the various needs of our guests. We will enrich your stay at the resort.”

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