Disneyland Concept Art Hints at Black Panther Attraction

Some new Disneyland concept art is hinting at a Black Panther attraction. The Internet got wind of [...]

Some new Disneyland concept art is hinting at a Black Panther attraction. The Internet got wind of a massive effort to expand the parks as a part of DisneylandForward. As a part of the multiyear public planning effort, the California park would get some other attractions from Disney locations around the world. A couple of eagle-eyed fans noticed the big panther sculpture on the side of a mountain and a waterfall. Fans of Black Panther would recognize that anywhere and immediately began to wonder what that attraction could look like. There are a ton of options, but nothing concrete announced yet. However, the company knows that fans would start combing over those proposed zones once they made their way onto the Internet. With things like Frozen's Arrendelle getting attractions and Guardians of the Galaxy, it would make sense to see Wakanda represented in some fashion. Check out the area in question down below:

Disney describes the DisneylandForward project:

"We want to bring more Disney investment to Anaheim. However, this simply isn't possible under current inflexible planning restrictions unless we remove and replace treasured rides and attractions in our Parks today. Without updates, new Disney experiences and placemaking, created from our beloved stories, will likely never find their way to the Disneyland Resort as they have to other parks throughout the world. With DisneylandForward and more flexibility within our existing properties, new lands and adventures like those underway at Tokyo DisneySea and Shanghai Disneyland could inspire new experiences here."

People are hoping for the best with that development, but the California parks are inching closer to opening with every passing day. Disney CEO Bob Chapek talked to Bloomberg about the burgeoning excitement for the locations to reopen.

"We're thrilled with the response that we're seeing from our guests in terms of future reservations and intent to come back to our parks," Chapek said. "I think that it's a function of two things. Number one, confidence that we're seeing the light at the end of the tunnel for the pandemic. But also, a tremendous trust in our brand. You know, we've been able to operate across the world, at Walt Disney World for example, for the last nine months. We've done so responsibly. We've had the NBA bubble that was so successful. And I think guests know that Disney is going to do it right."

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