Disneyland Reveals Plans For Major Multiyear Public Planning Effort

Disneyland has revealed its plans for a major expansion of its theme parks. In the Orange County [...]

Disneyland has revealed its plans for a major expansion of its theme parks. In the Orange County Business Journal, the company's ideas for a massive add-on for both their signature California park and Disney's California Adventure were unveiled. The last time that Disney undertook such a change was back in the 1990s when California Adventure got okayed by the city of Anaheim. Downtown Disney was also a part of that deal and you can expect similar retail areas if this proposal gets approval from the local government. It's been no secret that the Golden State wants to get the economy jump-started again. DisneylandForward would go a long way to boosting the tourism for the region beyond the already impressive numbers that existed before the pandemic. Even more interestingly, the company would be springing for it's own production without using public funds according to the latest proposal.

In comments to the Orange County Business Journal, they said they are "seeking additional square footage or hotel rooms beyond what is currently approved and allowed," apart from simply working, "with the city and community to update our existing approvals to allow for integrated development to be located and built throughout Disney properties."

Disney also said, "We are at the very early stages of this effort with the city, and this multiyear process will include many opportunities for public involvement."

For now, fans can look forward to the Touch of Disney experience at California Adventure, which opened last week. It will be interesting to see how the larger opening of the parks will influence this proposal. Disney CEO Bob Chapek joined Bloomberg to talk about the excitement for the locations to reopen.

"We're thrilled with the response that we're seeing from our guests in terms of future reservations and intent to come back to our parks," Chapek explained. "I think that it's a function of two things. Number one, confidence that we're seeing the light at the end of the tunnel for the pandemic. But also, a tremendous trust in our brand. You know, we've been able to operate across the world, at Walt Disney World for example, for the last nine months. We've done so responsibly. We've had the NBA bubble that was so successful. And I think guests know that Disney is going to do it right."

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