Heinz Unveils Ketchup Flavored Truffles for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day weekend is officially upon us, which means its time for people to find creative ways to show their loved ones that they care. Chocolates - particularly those in a heart-shaped box - have definitely become a staple for the holiday, and it looks like that has lead to a pretty bizarre invention. Late last month, Heinz UK announced on Instagram that they would be teaming up with the luxury gift store Fortnum & Mason to create a limited-edition Valentine's Day treat dubbed "ValenHeinz" Tomato Ketchup Truffles. Yes, you read that right -- chocolate truffles that taste like ketchup.

Heinz's refers to the "ValenHeinz" treats as "tangy but smooth", and suggests that "the special collaboration just might surprise you."

"Our latest collaboration presents a new love story between two unexpected flavours," Fortnum & Mason's official website reads. "You could say fate brought them together, although that wouldn’t be entirely accurate: actually it’s been a carefully arranged marriage of sorts, and the result of rigorous testing and tasting to ensure exactly the right balance of flavours."

"Together with Heinz, we have combined the bright and tart flavours of their Tomato Ketchup with Fortnum’s silky sweet chocolate ganache to create a truly surprising truffle," Fortnum & Mason continue. "Although, really, you should come to expect the unexpected when it comes to Fortnum’s chocolate."

"While this seemingly forbidden match may fly in the face of all societal expectations, our Ketchup Truffles represent a love without prejudice. Think Romeo & Juliet without the misery, or Elizabeth Bennett and Mr Darcy without all the misunderstandings."

In the spirit of Valentine's day, the website also declares "If anyone can show just cause why these flavours cannot be joined together in a truffle, let them speak now and we’ll pop one inside their mouth before they have time to object," which sounds ominous in the best possible way.


The ValenHeinz Ketchup Chocolate Truffles were only created in a limited run of 1,000 boxes, which contain a mix of nine truffles using a mix of milk, dark, and white. Unfortunately (or thankfully, depending on how you feel about the idea of a ketchup-flavored truffle), the product is now completely sold out.

Would you want to try ValenHeinz Ketchup Chocolate Truffles? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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