Captain Marvel Comic-Con LEGO Set Includes Full Flerken Goose

San Diego Comic-Con always has a few coveted exclusives for Marvel fans, and LEGO has revealed a new set that just might be one of their coolest exclusives yet, especially if you happen to be a Captain Marvel fan. LEGO has created a Captain Marvel and the Asis set exclusively for Comic-Con attendees, a 271 piece LEGO set that features Captain Marvel in her Vers costume along with the sleek Asis ship that fans see her fly in the film. Even better though the set features a fully Flerken version of Goose, complete with teeth and tentacles, as well as a figure of Monica Rambeau (via Yahoo).

As you can see in the images below, the set looks fantastic, and also comes with a host of effects for the ship and for Captain Marvel, including proton blast effects for her hands and afterburner effects for her feet. The Asis ship also has a cockpit that will open up and seat a mini-fig, and Monica's fig also comes with a helmet.

The Captain Marvel and the Asis LEGO set will cost you $45 dollars, and you'll need to enter a submission of interest form on the SDCC portal in order to qualify for purchasing, which will happen during the last week of June.

(Photo: LEGO/Yahoo)

This set joins the other Captain Marvel release from LEGO, the Captain Marvel and The Skrull Attack set. That set comes with the Quadjet from the movie as well as mini-figs of Captain Marvel (in her red, blue, and gold suit), Nick Fury, Goose (non-Flerken), and Talos. Initially, we thought this set indicated that there would be a showdown between the group, but it turns out Talos ended up being an ally, and at one point in the movie they are all in the ship together.

(Photo: LEGO/Yahoo)

You can check out the official description for that set below.

(Photo: LEGO/Yahoo)

"Fly with Captain Marvel and Nick Fury to rescue Goose the cat from Talos the Skrull! Zoom over the desert with Fury in his awesome Quinjet. Watch out for the Talos’s stud shooter. Fire 4 missiles at once with each of the jet’s flick-missile shooters and attack with Captain Marvel's power energy. Then grab Goose, place her in the back of the jet and fly away!"

The Captain Marvel and The Skrull Attack set is in stores now. San Diego Comic-Con takes place from July 18th to July 21st.