New Report Details How 'Agents Of SHIELD' Got Renewed

Marvel TV started out with a simple line-up, but the group has created plenty of shows since Agents of SHIELD premiered years ago. The flagship show is set to enter its fifth season this fall, but one new report by Variety says the renewal wasn’t unanimous between Marvel and ABC.

Earlier today, Variety published a run-down of ABC’s new season of shows. The channel is banking on its reboot of American Idol to bring in ratings. However, when it comes to Agents of SHIELD, it seems some network executives would have been okay with letting the series die.

Inhumans has not been the only source of friction between ABC and Marvel,” Variety explained, referencing the bad press which Inhumans has received so far.

“Earlier this year, the mandate came down from Disney for ABC to renew its other Marvel drama, Agents of SHIELD, despite the desire by some at the network to end the series after four seasons,” the site continued. “Having aired on Tuesdays since its inception, SHIELD is shifting to Friday nights this season when Inhumans finishes its initial eight-episode run.”

This isn’t the first time reports have suggest tension is growing between ABC and Marvel TV. A few weeks back, Variety suggested the Inhumans created a rift between the companies because of its controversial reception. Rumors have since suggested ABC wants to describe Inhumans as a complete series rather than a first season once it airs, but there has been no confirmation from any party about the report.


Agents of SHIELD has experienced up-and-down ratings over its last two seasons, but the show made a comeback in season four. The series began with an arc that featured Ghost Rider and ended with an alternate universe story which plunged Coulson’s team into a world run by Hydra. Fans were very receptive to the two blocks, so Agents of SHIELD has a chance to foster that good will when it returns this fall for its newest season.

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD will move to a new Friday night time slot for its fifth season. The new season will debut on ABC sometime after the completion of the first season of Marvel's Inhumans.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.Tuesday at 10PM on ABC

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