Ant-Man Movie Still has Interest, at Least From Edgar Wright!


Edgar Wright has certainly made a name for himself by directing a fair share of films that appeal to certain genres, such as his work on Shaun of the Dead and the upcoming Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, which may help to explain his continued interest in working on a big screen adaptation of one of Marvel Comics' earliest, and arguably more niche, comic book characters, Ant-Man. In talking with Spanish language entertainment site Omelete, Wright discussed the proposed project, offering some reasons as to why the project is not moving as of this moment, "Ant-Man is something I need to return to. I wrote a draft before Scott Pilgrim started and it's kind [of] on back burner slightly just because I've been busy with this. But it's something that I have got to return to. I have to do another draft after Scott Pilgrim is done." What does this all mean for the proposed Avengers movie, which is supposed to feature other, already introduced Marvel characters such as Iron Man and Thor, who is set to star in his own film soon? This could lead to Ant-Man being introduced perhaps in the Avengers film, or being eliminated from that film and a solo adventure coming at a later date.