WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure Ride at Avengers Campus Gives Guests Great Power

The previously announced interactive Spider-Man attraction swinging into Avengers Campus is titled [...]

The previously announced interactive Spider-Man attraction swinging into Avengers Campus is titled WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure, ComicBook.com learned during a preview of the all-new land opening this summer inside Disney California Adventure Park at the Disneyland Resort. The first Disney ride-through attraction to feature the iconic Marvel superhero, who will swing into action high above Avengers Campus with acrobatic feats never seen before in a Disney theme park, WEB SLINGERS calls on campus recruits to sling webs just like Spider-Man when self-replicating sidekick Spider-Bots go haywire during an open house at the Worldwide Engineering Brigade, a.k.a. WEB, a hub for bright innovators assembled by Tony Stark to invent new technologies and equip everyday people to become heroes like the Avengers.

Described by Walt Disney Imagineers as an "interactive family attraction" blending physical sets, practical effects and virtual environments taking Avengers Campus recruits on an interactive and action-packed adventure, WEB SLINGERS utilizes innovative technology adapted specifically for the new ride, endowing guests with the amazing ability to sling webs like Spider-Man.

Peter Parker and aspiring inventors assembled at WEB ask guests to don 3D glasses and test drive their newest invention — the WEB Slinger — a double-sided ride vehicle seating a total of eight guests.

Recruits must then use their amazing new abilities to web up the Spider-Bots before they wreak havoc on the Campus.

WEB Slingers Spider Man Adventure WEB Slinger vehicle
(WEB Slinger vehicles swivel and twist as guests thwip. Photo: Disneyland Resort)

"This is where we truly get to step up and answer the call and become heroes, and join Spider-Man on an action-packed adventure where you actually get to sling webs just like Spider-Man," said Brent Strong, Executive Creative Director, Walt Disney Imagineering. "This is an attraction that's for the entire family. There's no height requirement on this. This is something where guests of all ages get to live out that epic action, which is wonderful."

But unlike Spider-Man, who uses wrist-mounted Web-Shooters of his own design to thwip webs, WEB SLINGERS enables guests to sling webs without any kind of blaster (or web fluid). With nothing in their hands, riders will reach out and sling webs using a gesture recognition system built into every WEB Slinger vehicle.

"60 times a second we are able to determine where a guest's head is, their shoulders, their elbows, and even their wrists," Strong explained during a demonstration of WEB SLINGERS. "We're able to track the motion of your body so that when you reach out and sling a web, since we know where your eyes are and we know where your hands are, we can render a virtual web coming right out of the palm of your hand, right out of your virtual web shooters and into a virtual world."

"And while there's a ton of technology to make that happen, it just feels like magic," Strong added. "It just feels like being Spider-Man when you actually get to experience it."

WEB SLINGERS Interior queue
(WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure interior queue pre-show. Photo: Disneyland Resort)

ComicBook.com was among the first to preview the ride system and gameplay footage, which showed riders assisting Spider-Man in a dynamic setting filled with scurrying Spider-Bots. Riders can use webs to blast the cute-looking but troublesome Spider-Bots or strategize by interacting with the on-screen environment, slinging webs to grab, move and pull on objects with fluid motions.

"The level of control that you have is amazing," Strong said. "And we've been designing this so that your first time through, it's easy, it's intuitive. You just have a blast with Spider-Man trying to find all the Spider-Bots."

In Marvel fashion, guests will spot Easter eggs and other references both throughout the immersive ride and when moving through the queue. Housed in a show building imagined as an 80-year-old Stark Automotive plant once operated by Howard Stark, the building has been retrofitted into a hub for young inventors.

Riders moving through the queue will spot nods to the WEB kids' projects involving Wakandan Vibranium, Pym Particles and Arc Reactors supplied by benefactor Tony Stark.

"There are so many fun things to discover along the way," Strong said. "Layers and layers and layers of gameplay for our diehard gamers, and layers and layers and layers of fun for comic fans."

WEB Exterior Night Avengers Campus
(WEB exterior at night. Photo: Disneyland Resort)

Opposite the WEB SLINGERS building is WEB Suppliers, a Spidey-themed shop where recruits can purchase their own robotic Spider-Bot sidekick.

The remote controlled Spider-Bots feature light and sound effects and can be customized with tactical upgrades, sold separately, giving the bots different battle capabilities and appearances resembling other Marvel superheroes.

WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure opens alongside Avengers Campus this summer inside Disney California Adventure Park at the Disneyland Resort.