Avengers Reveals New Iron Fist and Doctor Strange

The current Avengers run has been pushing fans' expectations at basically every turn, as Earth's Mightiest Heroes team up to fight Moon Knight and his mentor, the villainous Khonshu. The "Age of Khonshu" arc has repurposed or subverted some significant objects within the Marvel Comics canon, as they have been used to make some dark decisions to Earth and its heroes in it. In the arc's finale, which debuted in stores this week, the Avengers began to get the upper hand -- and they bestowed some surprising Marvel mantles onto two unexpected characters. Spoilers for Avengers #37, by Jason Aaron, Javier Garron, Jason Keith, and VC's Cory Petit, below! Only look if you want to know!

The issue split the team up in multiple places to take on Moon Knight and Khonshu, with Black Panther - and eventually Robbie Reyes - facing the latter. While Khonshu postured and insisted that he could hold all of powers in his arsenal, T'Challa and Robbie began to fight back. T'Challa asked the Iron Fist and the Mystic Arts of the Sorcerer Supreme to "hear the call of a soul allied of old", provoking their physical totems to leave Khonshu's neck.

While we didn't see exactly what happened next, Panther reunited with his fellow Avengers soon after, and asked them to guard - and use - the Iron Fist and the Mystic Arts. The totem necklaces quickly found two hosts -- She-Hulk and Blade.

avengers 37 iron fist she hulk doctor strange blade 1
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

In an epic splash page that followed, fans got to see She-Hulk and Blade use their powers in all their glory, adopting the monikers "The Iron Hulk" and "The Sorcerer Supreme".

avengers 37 iron fist she hulk doctor strange blade 2
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

While the moment is brief, it's undeniably an awesome one, which adds some epic powers to the resumes of two of the most fan-favorite members of the Avengers. It'll certainly be interesting to see what the future holds for both characters and either of those mantles -- while She-Hulk and Blade wielding those totems is most likely a short-term thing, it certainly would be interesting to see She-Hulk wield the Iron Fist in a more prominent way, or for Blade to reluctantly bump elbows with Doctor Strange and the other Sorcerers Supreme.

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