Avengers, Spider-Man, X-Force: Marvel NOW! From Fan Expo Canada


Marvel just completed its Marvel NOW! panel at Fan Expo Canada, and while for the most part there weren't any earth-shattering announcement, some teases came out of the thing that shed some light on the way things will unravel between now and the end of March, when Marvel says their almost-weekly new #1 issues will peter out. Marvel's social media guru Ryan Penagos hinted that Spider-Man will get a Marvel NOW! title, although he offered no details, saying only, "As we talked about in our Amazing Spider-Man panel, we're not talking about what's coming after Amazing Spider-Man #700. But take note of Spidey in the NOW! promo piece." Amazing Spider-Man hits #700 in December, and a January relaunch to a new #1 is neither completely impossible nor unlike Marvel's previous practices--when Ed Brubaker and company relaunched Captain America with a new #1, it made it to issue #50 before reverting to its original numbering--and even then it was timed to take advantage of the landmark 600th issue. Also New Avengers, a previously-announced title by Jonathan Hickman and Steve Epting will reportedly launch in January. Every Marvel NOW! title will feature AR functions. "[The new] Nick Fury will take on a very important role in the Marvel Universe," according to Marvel head of PR Arune Singh. Marvel NOW! Point One will be released in October, as well as A + X, the Avengers vs. X-Men-inspired team-up book that will transition fans of the event into the new Marvel NOW! status quo. The series, which Editor Nick Lowe says exists because AvX has been so well-received, will focus on  ten-page adventures teaming an Avengers cahracter with an X-Men character each issue. Uncanny X-Force "will be affected" by Marvel NOW!, "and we can't talk about it now. Look for news in about 2 weeks or so," said Penagos. That sounds like soft confirmation of a new title coming soon featuring the team. They may decide to go for a new status quo with the same numbering, though; Marvel editor Axel Alonso noted that he's already launched three X-Force series since he joined the publisher. Whatever happens, there were no creative team announcements, but you can be reasonably sure that Ramon Perez won't be aboard; when asked about his next project, Lowe teased tomorrow's X-Men panel as something the fan might want to attend. Journey Into Mystery, Avengers Assemble "and others" will not relaunch with a new #1 when Marvel NOW! hits. That's the first official confirmation that Avengers Assemble won't relaunch and seems more likely, then, that it's the title Kelly Sue DeConnick will be writing, a teaser that came a couple of weeks ago without a NOW! logo attached to it. And says Penagos, "Fan asked if we've ever considered bringing back Spider-Man 2099. Wacker says 'YES!' There've been several email chains. Stay tuned. That could mean something or nothing, so don't go all internetting on things." Perish the thought, sir.