Falcon & Winter Soldier Villain Baron Zemo to Have Comic Accurate Costume

Earlier tonight, Marvel Studios dropped bombshell after bombshell as the studio revealed the next ten properties in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One of those that we already knew was coming is The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, a series will end up hitting Disney+ next fall. While talking about the show, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige pulled up some teaser footage of the show, confirming Daniel Brühl would be returning to reprise his role as Helmut Zemo. Not just that, but it appears the character will be getting a comic-accurate costume to boot.

As ComicBook's Brandon Davis puts it, Zemo was trying to use his HYDRA book to take back control of Sebastian Stan's Winter Soldier.

"The brainwashing from Civil War plays," Davis explains. "Baron Zemo sits down and says 'That doesn't work anymore, does it? I can't imagine what you all must be thinking.' Villain seizes control of the panel and says 'You must be expecting some act of violence but that's not what this is,' he said. 'Gentleman, I'll be seeing you very soon.' He puts on a purple mask."

Exact details weren't available and it's still unclear if Emily Vancamp's Sharon Carter will return as previously reported. Either way, Stan himself previously admitted he hoped a lot of it would be based off Ed Brubaker's Captain America stories.

"I think my favorite is all the Ed Brubaker stuff," Stan said. "That was my favorite stuff, and it was just really great to get to do some of that in the movies, and you know, I would love...I always say this all the time but I think it would be really interesting to see like the whole Winter Soldier that we haven't seen yet. If you think about it, he had a whole other life sort of as this ulterior ego so to speak. Like when you see the Winter Soldier now he's sort of like a machine in the movies, but before that, there was actually a real character there, and that was the character that had friendship with Black Widow. But you know, we'll see what happens."


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The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is slated to hit Disney+ in the Fall of 2020.