‘Black Panther’ Star Michael B. Jordan Challenges Will Smith to a Cook-Off

Black Panther star Michael B. Jordan has issued an official cooking challenge to Suicide Squad [...]

Black Panther star Michael B. Jordan has issued an official cooking challenge to Suicide Squad star Will Smith.

Jordan published a pair of videos to his Instagram account Thursday declaring culinary war on "big bruh" Smith, displaying his cooking skills and whipping up eggs, bacon, mashed potatoes, steak, salmon, and loaded chicken nachos in the borrowed kitchen of Smith's cabin.

The 31-year-old actor, best known for his roles as boxer Adonis Johnson in Rocky spinoff Creed and Erik 'Killmonger' Stevens in Marvel Studios' Black Panther, will next reprise his role as the trying-to-prove-it son of boxing legend Apollo Creed in Creed II this Thanksgiving before re-teaming with Black Panther director Ryan Coogler for a fourth time in planned true-story drama Wrong Answer.

In bringing vicious black-ops soldier Killmonger to life, Jordan said he turned to The Dark Knight and Joker star Heath Ledger for inspiration.

"Honestly, as a fan of comic books and graphic novels, like Heath Ledger's performance as far as in a film is concerned as a villain was my generation's.... that was the bar," Jordan said on SportsCenter earlier this year.

"Trying to find that controlled rage. The villains that are the most fun to watch for me are the ones that you can empathize with, you kind of know where they're coming from, you can see their point of view. I tried to bring that groundedness to Killmonger."

Jordan, who was awarded Best Villain at the MTV Movie & TV Awards for his performance, said at the ceremony he would reprise the role if ever given the opportunity.

"I'm a fan of Marvel, of comic books, everybody knows that, so if there was ever an opportunity to come back and join this universe and work with Joe Russo or Kevin Feige and Victoria [Alonso] and everyone over there at Marvel, reteam with Ryan [Coogler] you know, of course, I would," Jordan said.

Smith will reprise his Suicide Squad role as Floyd Lawton, a.k.a. deadly-accurate assassin Deadshot, in the in-the-works sequel. Delays on that project will reportedly allow the star to headline sequels for both Bad Boys and Bright.