Captain America: Civil War Set Video Teases Darker Version Of Tony Stark

Tony-Stark-Iron-Man top
(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

While the focus has been on Captain America's journey and role in Captain America: Civil War, Iron Man will see some changes internally as well.

In standing with the government on the core issue of Civil War, Tony Stark has alienated his share of allies, and because of that, the character will have to adapt. According to Director Joe Russo, that adaptation takes Stark down a somewhat darker road.

"Downey is playing a much darker version of Tony Stark than he's ever played, and he's just crushing it."

When told what Russo said about playing a much darker version of Tony, Downey just replied "good" with an enthusiastic smile. Come May 6th, we'll all get to see just what that darker version ends up being.

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