Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel Designer to Write and Draw Upcoming Marvel Comics Story

The past decade has brought some pretty major updates to the Marvel Comics legacy of Captain Marvel, with Carol Danvers taking on the legacy title and going on to become a household name following her billion-dollar solo movie, and the Kamala Khan iteration of Ms. Marvel becoming a worldwide sensation as well. One comic creator who has had a profound role in Carol and Kamala becoming who they are today is superstar artist Jamie McKelvie, who created the now-iconic costume designs of both characters. Surprisingly, McKelvie has never actually drawn or written a comic story involving either character — but soon, that's all about to change. On Wednesday, it was announced (via SYFYWire) that McKelvie will be writing and drawing an upcoming story in Captain Marvel #30, an oversized milestone issue in Carol Danvers' current solo run.

While plot details for McKelvie's story are currently under wraps, it has been confirmed that the story will feature a team-up with Kamala.

"Despite designing both Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel, I never had the chance to work on stories about either of them," McKelvie said in a statement. "So I was excited to be asked to contribute to this issue, and get to tell a story that gets to the heart of how I see both Carol and Kamala."

The oversized issue is also set to feature a major storyline from writer Kelly Thompson and artist Jacopo Camagni, which will wrap up the recently-teased "Strange Magic" arc.

"I'm trying to think of something charming and clever to say that implies I had confidence all along that we would get here...but it would be lies," Thompson said. "It's been such a wild ride...always trying to push Carol to the edge and tell the best stories we can because you never know when your time will be up. And I'm so delighted to be here with her now for this milestone and I hope we've got a few more in our future! There's no reason to mess with [Kelly Sue] DeConnick's perfection here - 'higher, further, faster, more!'"

You can check out the official solicitation for Captain Marvel #30 below!

"Carol Danvers thinks she's seen it all, including a terrifying future that only she can prevent. Convinced that magic is the answer to her problem, she's about to face a hard truth: No magic in the universe can save her from herself. Captain Marvel holds the lives of billions in her hands — and the decision she makes here will change her forever. Past, present and future are about to collide! Don't miss the oversized 30th issue of Captain Marvel, including a special story written and drawn by Jamie McKelvie, the original designer of the Captain's now-iconic red, blue and yellow suit!"


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