Captain Marvel's New Costume Embraces the Mystic Arts

Captain Marvel has been on quite the journey throughout 2020, and things are only going to get more chaotic in 2021. Cap has dealt with alternate realities, massive wars, and even had to take down her fellow Avengers for a bit there, but her newest adventure will have her dabbling in the world of the mystic arts, and now we have our first look at her slick new costume for the occasion. The new cover for Captain Marvel #28 surfaced today, and you can see Cap rocking a new suit to go along with her apparently more magical abilities (via Captain Marvel News).

The new suit is mostly black but features red accents and a redesigned belt. It also features a cloak and hood that fits the new aesthetic quite well, and she's even got a new version of her logo.

Her powers also seem to be more akin to Doctor Strange's, at least from a visual design point of view, though we don't actually know how or if her powers are affected. You can check out Carol's new design in the image above.

"@CaptMarvelNews Captain Marvel goes magical while trying to master mystic arts in the upcoming arc by
@79SemiFinalist and Carol Danvers will get a whole new temporary look to do it! From April’s Solicits: Captain Marvel #28 by @MChecC ! Interior art by @jacopo_camagni"

Before we can get there though Carol has to find a way back to her world and time while putting an end to OVE's hold on the world so she can leave this reality and possible future in better hands, and that story continues in Captain Marvel #25.

Captain Marvel #25 is written by Kelly Thompson and drawn by Lee Garbett and Belen Ortega, and you can find the official description below.

"IN THE LION’S DEN! As OVE’s plans for CAPTAIN MARVEL are uncovered, Carol and her team must call upon new weapons and heroes — both new and old — to save Earth from his reign. Thunder and lightning — magic spells and mighty fists — it’s no holds barred against a mad king for the fate of this world...and maybe so much more?"


Captain Marvel #25 hits comic stores on January 27th.

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