'Captain Marvel': First Look at Annette Bening

The latest trailer for Captain Marvel has officially arrived, and it gave the first look at a pretty familiar face.

The new trailer, which you can check out here, went a bit more in depth with the origin story of Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel (Brie Larson). A lot of this exposition was explained to Carol (and the audience) by a Kree scientist of some sort, played by Annette Bening.

captain marvel annette bening
(Photo: Marvel Studios)

While the name of Bening's character is currently a mystery, this scene does give fans an indication of what to expect from her role in the film, something she's been secretive about in the past.

"I can't give anything away." Bening said of her role in a TV appearance earlier this year. "No, in fact, I need to call them again and they have to tell me exactly what it is that I can't say. All I can tell you is that it is as much fun as you would imagine it could be. At least it was for me. It was so much fun, and I can't tell you why because then it would give something away. It was like when you're a little kid and you imagine what it would be like to be in a superhero movie, that's what it was like. Seriously. It was fun."

Regardless of whoever Bening ends up playing, it's clear that her characters has a significant part in Carol's superhero origins, something that will be presented in a unique way within the film.

"I think the way the film opens is much different than an origin movie, and because she is a heroine that you haven't seen before, we're able to tell this story structurally in a way that will feel unexpected and hopefully will keep audiences off balance," producer Nate Moore said in an interview earlier this year. "Still balanced enough that they can enjoy the film, but even just making it a period film is sort of interesting in that it's not just a function of the world as we know it in the MCU today."

"I think there is a structure to origin films that audiences sometimes can get ahead of very quickly," Moore continued. "So, if we do origin films, internally, we talk about how we can subvert that structure. For instance, Captain Marvel is an origin movie in that you haven't seen her before, but we think we've stumbled upon a structure there that isn't the traditional structure of what origin movies typically are."


"You meet the character, they have a problem, they get powers at the end of the first act, and the end of the second act they learn about the powers, the third act they probably fight a villain who has a function of the same powers," Moore added. 'That's a lot of times what a typical origin movie is structured like, but as we introduce new characters moving forward, we want to find ways to subvert that structure, so at least the experience of the film feels new to audiences. We're very conscious of making sure that audiences don't get things that feel like they've seen them before."

Captain Marvel will debut on March 8, 2019. It will be followed by the fourth Avengers movie on May 3, 2019, and Spider-Man: Far From Home on July 5, 2019.