Chris Evans Debunks Epic Number Neighbor Moment

As it turns out, Chris Evans did not get a text from his number neighbor to which he replied, "America's Ass," when asked who it was. The meme going around social media which is framed as leading to Evans FaceTiming a fan has gained quite a bit of steam (though many realize it is just for fun) but now Evans himself has squashed any hope of those hoping it was true.

The whole number neighbor thing is simple: people are texting strangers whose phone numbers end one number higher or lower than their own. For example, if your phone number ended in 0123, your number neighbors will end in 0122 and 0124. A recent trend has encouraged people to reach out to their number neighbors and see what happens. On Friday, a meme claimed that someone did this and ended up reaching the actor who plays Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but, according to him, it is fake.

Here is Evans acknowledging and debunking the number neighbor meme:

"Fake," he said, in a crushing blow to the hopes of those wishing it to be real. "Sorry."

It is unclear where the image of Evans used in the meme to make it look like he connected with someone via FaceTime came from. We just know.. it's fake. This whole thing is almost as good as the entire Instagram account dedicated to comparing Chris Evans to golden retrievers. The ultimate good boys.


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