Comic Book Releases for September 10th, 2009

Now that you've taken the Labor Day holiday to rest up and catch up on all those comics you keep meaning to get to during the regular work week, it's time to get a fresh stack! There's plenty to pick up in stores this Thursday, and the adventure and spandex-covered heroes are happy to oblige! From Marvel this week, more pieces of Norman Osborn's master plan for the world come into focus, as Dark Reign: The List begins with an Avengers one-shot. Norman's not happy with the way things are, and this new arc proves it! Be sure to read Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men: Exodus #1 before reading The List! The Utopia crossover concludes here, as the battle between Osborn's Avengers and the X-Men wages on in San Francisco. Speaking of San Francisco, Hulk Team-Up #1 debuts with a story taking place involving some of the city's inhabitants, Angel and Iceman, along with a certain green-skinned giant! Thunderbolts #135 promises more intrigue and plot twists, as the hunt for Songbird continues and also pick up The Marvels Project #2, the limited series that promises to explain the origin of Marvel's universe!

DC brings the pain to their collection of heroes this week, with Secret Six # 13 showing a face-off with Wonder Woman, as the heat on Devil's Island heats up! Blackest Night: Batman #2 has the new Bat family facing the return of those dead and dear to their hearts! Adventure Comics #2 continues the return of Superboy, Conner Kent, as he adjusts to his life back in Smallville. The Shield #1 debuts, coming out of the recent Red Circle reboots of several Gold and Silver Age heroes. The first story arc of Red Robin concludes this week with the events of issue four. Tim Drake continues to pursue the belief that Bruce Wayne is alive, but at what cost to his relationships with those around him?


Image Comics will wrap up two limited series this week, with part four of Dead @ 17: Afterbirth and Descendent's third issue coming out to comic book stores everywhere. Olypmus, Image's mythologically tinged mini-series, also concludes this week with issue four along with Lillim, a five-part series rooted in the mythological figures of Norse lore. Top Cow/Image bring Witchblade #130 and with that the conclusion of the "War of the Witchblade" storyline, and who will be left standing to wield the Witchblade happens here! Dark Horse brings us B.P.R.D 1947#3 this week, as the story of a group of investigators tracking a vampiric force after World War II continues. Wait for more, Hellboy fans! Hellboy: The Wild Hunt #6 makes its way into stores this week too!! Boom! Studios brings us it's usual mix of both mature and kid-friendly titles with Muppet Robin Hood #4 alongside Farscape: D'Argo's Trial #2. And let's not forget Finding Nemo: Rescue Reef #3!! Top Cow brings us Berserker #3, the latest issue in a new series focusing on a man who has "traded one war for another." Fans of the Angel-verse will be pleased with IDW's release of Angel: Only Human #2, the continuing adventures of Illyria and Fred as they work to combat the threat of the Scourge!! All this reading may necessitate another holiday just so you can get caught up before the next week! Happy reading!!