'Daredevil' Reveals First Full Bullseye Fight Sequences at NYCC

Marvel TV maxed out the capacity of Madison Square Garden for its Daredevil season 3 New York Comic-Con panel. Thankfully, fans who braved long waits in a mob-sized line were NOT disappointed!

There were some big reveals during the Daredevil season 3 panel at NYCC, as we got reacquainted with some old friends (Vincent D'Onofrio's Kingpin), and met some new ones, namely Wilson Bethel's FBI agent Dex; Joanne Whalley's Sister Maggie and Jay Ali's FBI agent Nadeem. Thankfully, Marvel TV head Jeph Loeb finally dropped the thin veil of "secrecy" and admitted that "Agent Dex" is actually the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of Bullseye!

If that wasn't validating enough for Marvel fans, Loeb went a step further by stepping out on the ledge, and revealing not one, but two major Bullseye fight sequences from Daredevil season 3!

Read below to learn what we saw in two key scenes:

  • Agent Dex first meeting Wilson Fisk in a massive shootout sequence.
  • Dex impersonating Daredevil and having to fight Matt Murdock (in his black suit) in the middle of a newspaper press room.

Meet Bullseye

A first clip showed that Agent Nadeem cuts a deal with Wilson Fisk, who snitches on some Albanian crime lords in exchange for saving Vanessa from any prosecution for his crimes. Cut to a later clip, in which Nadeem is transporting Wilson Fisk via SUV convoy. The convoy is ambushed by the Albanian thugs looking for payback for Fisk's betrayal. The scene is shown from Fisk's POV, as the truck has flipped, and all the FBI agents are blown away. Just when it looks like Fisk is dead, "Dex" appears and takes down every assailant with precision and brutality. He drops thugs with massive automatic rifles using just a pistol, and when he's out of ammo, he uses the clip from his gun as a projectile to take out two more thugs. Fisk kicks the door off the SUV and tries to crawl away, only to find Dex pointing a gun at him, saying, "Convict, don't move."

"I'm Daredevil"

The second Bullseye fight sequence takes place in the New York Bulletin newsroom, as Foggy enters to meet up with Karen Page - only to find the entire newsroom of reporters are dead. "Daredevil" is standing over one of the bodies, and upon seeing Foggy, he tosses a trademark Daredevil club at Foggy's heart. The club is caught by the real Matt Murodck, who is bewildered to see his costume on another man. Matt asks the impostor "Who are you?" to which Dex/Bullseye responds, "I'm Daredevil."

The two brawl all over the newsroom, in a fight that exposes each other's strengths, and weaknesses. When Matt is up close, his senses and martial arts training gains the upper hand; when there's any distance between them, Bullseye picks Matt apart using whatever office supplies are in reach as deadly projectiles. A cat-and-mouse game of hide and seek ensues around the office, featuring some crazy Bullseye trick shots that keep injuring Matt. Murdock comes up with a false target to trick Bullseye, and goes in close for the KO. He almost gets it with a choke hold, but Bullseye manages to reach far enough to grab a pair of scissors, which he tosses into Matt's shoulder. Matt goes down, and Bullseye drops a supply shelf on him, finally knocking him out with a boot to the face. Bullseye stands triumphantly, with nothing left standing between him, Karen, Foggy, and the rest of the surviving reporters hiding in a back office.


The way that Daredevil season 3 is presenting Bullseye is deeply intriguing and layered. Wilson Bethel's Dex has some very clear mental issues that the clips and his the full Bullseye Trailer hint at; for example, when Foggy spots him, Dex is hearing a collage of voices in his head, some of them vile and abusive, and others that sound like screams of past victims or people he hurt. The Bullseye-brand action is everything Marel fans want it to be: well-sequenced and inventive, and o' so brutal in its execution (pun). If you weren't fully excited for Daredevil season 3 before - time to get started!

Daredevil season 3 premieres on Netflix starting on October 19th.