Deadpool Creator Rob Liefeld Reveals If He Is Buying A X-Men Origins Deadpool Figure

Funko turned heads with their San Diego Comic-Con exclusive POPs this year, especially because many couldn't get their hands on the characters that they wanted, but also because they dropped some exclusive X-Men feature film figures. Not only did they debut a Nightcrawler mid-BAMF from X2: X-Men United, but also a "Weapon XI" version of Ryan Reynolds Deadpool from X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Despite being revolting to fans when it first debut, the success of Reynolds' two films have seemingly created a love for this version. Even Rob Liefeld, the creator of the character, will proudly buy the figure as he told us in a new interview.

"Ordered, like you have no idea how many I've ordered," Liefeld told in an exclusive chat. "I cannot wait, I cannot wait to have little Rye Rye with his 10 foot blades that somehow fit in his forearm, yes, that is to me again more, Disney is flexing a little. Hey Fox, all those movies you can never license. Boom, we flipped the switch, switch, switch, switch, I mean, Jim, two years after Deadpool two, you're going to Josh Brolin Cable Figure. That looks like they literally went to Josh's house, molded him, shrunk him to six inches, you're getting Zazie Beetz. I mean, so yeah, no, the Origins Baraka Deadpool will be proudly on the shelves next to me that you can't see. The bank will go bye bye and the Baraka Deadpool will be added to the list. There's so much, there's so much."

(Photo: Funko)

Liefeld refers of course to how Hasbro turned heads earlier this year when they revealed long anticipated Marvel Legends figures for characters from 20th Century Fox's X-Men film franchise. These toys previously never got made due to Fox only owning the film rights and not the toy rights, with Marvel opting not to create these toys since they had a whole cinematic universe of their own since 2008.


Among the characters that will be or have been released by Hasbro for the Marvel Legends line are Hugh Jackman's Wolverine, Rebecca Romijn's Mystique, plus a Professor X and Magneto set with one pair of Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen heads and another pair of James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender heads. As Liefeld says, the company is really tapping into Deadpool as well, releasing figures based on the Merc with a mouth from both films plus Cable, Domino, and Negasonic Teenage Warhead.