Deadpool Giveaway: Win Movie-Used Props and Blu-Ray!

Deadpool introduced us to a whole new type of superhero movie, one that was faithful to the source [...]


Deadpool introduced us to a whole new type of superhero movie, one that was faithful to the source material - to the point that it wasn't afraid to be rated R. It was heavy on the humor, light on the melodrama, but still had heart.

It also had a guy that cut off limbs, shot people right in the face and said a lot of dirty words.

Did you somehow not see this movie yet? Read our full review right here. We'll wait. Okay, good? Go see the movie, what's wrong with you?

The parts of that whole (heh- he'd probably laugh at that, wouldn't he?) added up to huge box office success, with the most money grossed for an X-Men franchise film yet, a sequel on the way, and a nation of fans shouting "Superhero landing!" And now, Uncle Deadpool wants to give back to those fans.

(Photo: 20th Century Fox) is teaming up with 20th Century Fox to give one lucky fans actual movie-used props from Deadpool, plus a brand-spanking new copy of Deadpool on Blu-ray. The prop: The dancing Hula Girls (complete with certificates of authenticity) that sat upon Wade Wilson's robotic vacuum cleaner! Oh the things these poor, poor Hula Girls have probably seen. *shudder*

Entering is extremely simple: Just click on the link right here:

Win Movie Used HULA GIRL Props From DEADPOOL!

Then login with email, facebook, instagram, or twitter, and boom, you're entered! If you follow @comicbook on twitter, boom, you get a bonus entry! And if you subscribe to us on youtube? BOOM ANOTHER BONUS ENTRY! That's THREE entire entries for the low low price of about 30 seconds of your time! Entries are only open for the weekend. What are you waiting for?

So get to clicking, get to entering, and you could be the proud owner of your very own Deadpool props! Put them on your dashboard, on your own robotic vacuum cleaner, on your head! WHATEVER YOU WANT!

And don't forget, Deadpool is out now on Digital HD, and available May 10, 2016 on Blu-ray and DVD. Look at all the stuff you get when you buy it and have it in your very own home in 20th Century Fox's official description:

Hold onto your chimichangas, folks. From the studio that brought you all 3 Taken films comes DEADPOOL, the block-busting, fourth-wall-breaking masterpiece about Marvel Comics' sexiest anti-hero: me! Go deep inside (I love that) my origin story...typical stuff...rogue experiment, accelerated healing powers, horrible disfigurement, red spandex, imminent revenge. Directed by overpaid tool Tim Miller, and starring God's perfect idiot Ryan Reynolds, Ed Skrein, Morena Baccarin, T.J. Miller and Gina Carano, DEADPOOL is a giddy slice of awesomeness packed with more twists than my enemies' intestines and more action than prom night. Amazeballs!

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