Mike Colter Talks Defenders Cast Chemistry

Marvel's The Defenders hits Netflix tomorrow and ahead of the series debut, Mike Colter is talking about what it was like to get together with Charlie Cox, Krysten Ritter, and Finn Jones to make the highly anticipated series.

Colter told Moviefone that teaming up with the other actors felt normal, but he also revealed that the dynamic between the characters was one of the best parts of making The Defenders.

"I think the best part about it is that we basically have, whether we want to admit it or not, there are four alphas -- I wouldn't say alpha male, but alpha personalities. Even Krysten's character, everybody has their own thing. Nobody's eager to be friends," Colter said. "No one's looking for a team up. No one's looking for a buddy or a sidekick."

The heroes might not be looking for a team up, but with Luke Cage and Danny Rand having a long partnership in comics, audiences may wonder how that dynamic will look in The Defenders and Colter said that embracing differences is what makes things work.

"The differences sort of make it humorous sometimes. The differences between our characters and between us as people sort of helps to play out this relationship, and we embrace that, because that's the humor of sort of opposite trying to fit together, trying to work together, and trying to become a 'dynamic duo' of sorts. We're not alike, but that's part of what makes it work," Colter said.


You can see how the dynamic plays out when The Defenders debuts August 18 on Netflix.

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