Marvel Makes Major Change to Doctor Strange

Stephen Strange has just received a major magical upgrade!

The new run of Doctor Strange, written by Donny Cates, has brought many changes to the world of the former Sorcerer Supreme. He's lost his title, become a veterinarian and even brought Sentry back into the fold. However, the ending of issue #383 has brought Strange the most drastic change he's gone through in some time.

Warning: There are MAJOR spoilers for Doctor Strange #383 below!

After a visit with Yggdrasill, the magical World Tree located in Asgard, Stephen Strange possesses more magic than ever before. Doctor Strange has now become a God of Magic.

At the beginning of the issue, Strange went to Asgard to ask for help in stopping Loki, the new Sorcerer Supreme, from ending all magic. Unfortunately, his encounter with Cul didn't go as planned, and Sentry was left to fight off the Asgardian army as Stephen escaped to find Yggdrasill.

Upon touching the wise tree, Stephen was filled with a magical force, opening up his third eye, and helping him see that he needed to make a sacrifice. Stephen laid the body of his dead dog/best friend Bats, who died at the hands of Loki, at the foot of the tree. Yggdrasill grabbed Stephen with its roots, told him he was worthy, and unlocked a power inside of him that he didn't know existed.

doctor strange magic
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

"Something changes," Strange said in his inner-monologue. "Like nothing I have ever felt before. More magic than I have ever known. More than I think I can contain inside of this...body. I can see everything. I AM everything. So much more than a sorcerer. I don't think I'm even mortal anymore. No. I...I am a God of Magic."

Strange ended the issue surrounded by lightning, declaring that he would go get his cloak back from Loki.

doctor strange 383 lightning
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

While Stephen Strange has simply been a mortal man over the past few issues, he's certainly more than that now. Whether he's just regained the abilities of magic, or he's turning into something much, much worse, it's clear that the former Sorcerer Supreme will never be the same.

Doctor Strange #383, written by Donny Cates and illustrated by Gabrial Hernandez Walta, is currently available online and at your local comic book store.