Mysterious Figure Spotted In Doctor Strange Movie

A mysterious person seems to have been spotted in a scene from Doctor Strange amidst the artifacts in the Sanctum Santorum. However, this person is not likely to be any sort of being from another dimension or character who is creeping on Doctor Strange. It seems like this person, if it is actually a person, is most likely a crew member who accidentally found themselves in the shot through one of the many pieces of glass in the room which offered up fairly clear reflections. It would not be the first time a crew member has accidentally found themselves in a shot from a major film or series!

The moment was spotted by a Marvel fan who took their screenshots to Reddit. 56 minutes and 6 seconds into Doctor Strange, a person can be seen in one of the reflections on a glass panel to the right of the frame. It seems quite clear that this is a member of the film's crew who thought they were out of the shot and, in fact, were not. Given how the camera pans over and the person remains so clearly still and in the shot, it's worth having a second look, though.

See it for yourself below.

(Photo: Doctor Strange / Marvel Studios)

It definitely looks like a crew member, given the utility belt and dark apparel, and would seemingly be a mistake which was not intended to make the cut of the film. It's a bit hard to forget and miss, now that it has been spotted.

Recently, The Mandalorian had an infamous moment where a crew member's body was seen in a shot when the show's main characters were raiding an Imperial base. A crew member in jeans and green shirt was seen standing in the background of a shot and it took the Internet by storm, largely because The Mandalorian was such a hot topic with each new episode. It was arguably the most famous movie mistake since Game of Thrones left a coffee cup in a shot but it is hardly the only movie mistake made by a major title. For example, The Walking Dead has had plenty of small mistakes make the cut of its zombie show. The Mandalorian digitally removed the jeans guy after the shot became famous.


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