Does Sony's Marvel Movie Delay Mean Spider-Woman Is in the Works at Marvel Studios?

Movie studios have been changing things up regarding their upcoming slates due to the coronavirus, and that goes for Sony and Marvel Studios as well. Recently Marvel Studios pushed back all of its movies in 2020 and well into 2021, with things starting to even out again in 2022. Sony also recently pushed back seven of its films, but it was the film slated for October 8th, 2021 that really caught people's eye. The reason for the attention is the fact that the movie wasn't just pushed back, but delayed indefinitely, and some fans on social media started theorizing that the untitled movie might be the recently rumored Spider-Woman live-action film. That also got some to thinking that the movie might have been delayed indefintiely due to Marvel Studios' future plans, but again, nothing is official from either Sony or Marvel in that regard.

There's a lot of ifs in this scenario, including the fact that Sony still hasn't officially confirmed any plans for Spider-Woman aside from the Spider-Women spin-off to Into The Spider-Verse. Because that hasn't been confirmed we also have no way of knowing what movie was slated originally for the October 8th, 2021 date, though we do know that the date will now be used by the live-action Uncharted movie.

As for the whole Marvel Studios thing, Spider-Woman is one of the murkier characters in regards to film rights. It would appear that Sony has the rights to the character since she is appearing in the Spider-Verse spin-off, and that character will be based on Jessica Drew. Still, the character has been a fixture of Avengers and the greater MCU as often as she's been part of the Spider-Verse side of things, though that has increased over the past 5 to 6 years quite a bit.


That being said, it was most likely moved because of the way their timeline has been maneuvered and shifted, resulting in the need to figure out a place that suits it best. Sure Marvel Studios could have made a deal similar to what they did with Ego in Guardians of the Galaxy (trading characters essentially), but for now, we'll just have to wait and see.

Here's the thing though. Regardless of whether Sony or Marvel Studios makes a Spider-Woman movie, I just need a deal worked out so we can get a proper Captain Marvel Spider-Woman meeting and team-up because that would make a lot of fans extremely happy, and we could use a bit of that don't you think?

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