Eternals Writers Tease Galactus Coming To The MCU

The writers of Marvel's Eternals movie are dropping a name that is sure to get fans hyped: Galactus, the devourer of worlds. In a new interview with Eternals screenwriters Ryan and Kaz Firpo were asked about some Marvel fan theories that have sprung out of Eternals - including a big one about how a sequel film could involve Galactus. According to Kaz Firpo, the "door is very much open for world-eating villains" after all the cosmic dominos that fell during the events of the Eternal movie. so maybe these Marvel fan theories are more on point than we know... 

Speaking to MCU Direct, here's what Kaz Firpo had to say about Galactus coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe

"Galactus is an amazing, amazing character, and villain. We are, you know, obviously setting the stage for intergalactic, cosmic, megalith confrontations, especially when you kill a space god—and then the space god comes and kidnaps you and plans to judge Earth, I think the door is very much open for world-eating villains… Galactus is one of those iconic figures of the Marvel Universe that [they're] excited to see." 

(WARNING: Marvel's Eternals SPOILERS Follow!) 

The conflict of Eternals turned out to be a Civil War between the team itself. When the truth started to come out that humanity's true purpose was feeding a gestating Celestial the energy for its birth, the Eternals chose sides: Some of them (Phastos, Sersei, Thena) chose to protect humanity by destroying the baby Celestial; some of them (Ikaris, Sprite) chose to honor their masters by staying true to their cosmic purpose. In the end, the baby Celestial Tiamut is killed by Cersei (whose power is boosted through the Uni-Mind with her other Eternals), but Earth's salvation proves to be temporary... 

At the end of Eternals, those loyal to Earth (Cersei, Phastos, Kingo) are summoned by the Celestial Arishem The Judge. Arishem declares that the Eternals memories of their centuries on Earth will be the evidence weighed before the Celestials judge whether Earth can remain in existence. 

"There's definitely conversations about these post-credits sequences, about who we're introducing, where we're going," Kaz continues. "Galactus is one of those iconic figures of the Marvel Universe that we're excited to see. But sometimes I think you leave yourself open, you leave these doors open, and who knows what's happening in number two. Maybe you're too busy saving a Celestial from Galactus that you end up incurring his [wrath]… anything's possible."


The Celestials of Marvel Comics lore have their own means for assessing and dispatching planets (the "Hosting" process), but the Celestials of the MCU could easily be retconned to use a much more simplified and fan-service means of carrying out their will: Galactus. The comic book lore about Galactus and/or the Celestials is so convoluted that it will definitely need to be streamlined for the MCU audience, and it seems like the two cosmic entities could be linked through some easy narrative bridges (like the Celestials using Galactus to prune worlds). 

The timing of Galactus showing up in an Eternals sequel also fits; even though Galactus is a major villain in the Fantastic Four franchise, most fans want that reboot film (from Spider-Man director Jon Watts) to start with Doctor Doom as its first villain. If Galactus gets introduced in Eternals 2, he'd be well-established for a Fantastic Four sequel to follow. 

Eternals is now in theaters.