The Falcon and the Winter Soldier's Julia Louis-Dreyfus Shows Off Cloak Used to Sneak Her to Set

Marvel Studios goes to great lengths to keep its secrets buried, but you already knew that. More often than not, cast and crew involved in projects from the Kevin Feige-led outfit joke about the fabled Marvel "snipers," refusing to open their mouths even the slightest when it comes to Marvel projects they're involved in. Well, actors other than Alfred Molina, of course. Since The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has officially debuted all six episodes to the masses, Julia Louis-Dreyfus has started releasing her own behind-the-scenes pictures and videos.

The latest video came Friday afternoon when the Veep alum shared a clip of the cloak she had to wear to set so that she wouldn't be caught on camera by set-tracking paparazzi.

According to The Falcon and the Winter Soldier producer Nate Moore, Louis-Dreyfus' take on Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine was always meant to be a "funnier" Nick Fury.

"Whenever we talked about Valentina, even in the writer's room, she was sort of a more acerbic, funnier, but darker Nick Fury," producer Nate Moore recently told "Someone who knows her secrets, who's not afraid to operate in the moral gray area, but maybe who isn't as inherently altruistic."

"What a gift for us to have her," co-executive producer Zoie Nagelhout added. "She is just incredible. In the initial conversations between her and Kevin [Feige], she was just excited by the idea of joining this world and what it could mean to play a new quirky, weird, mysterious character. And she loved that there was this comedy to it as well because that's, of course, one of her great strengths. She was the perfect character to bring into John Walker's world to complicate what he's going through and give him a weird almost ominous light at the end of the tunnel."

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