Guardians of the Galaxy: Chris Pratt Reveals Secret Improv Moment

During's Quarantine Watch Party of Guardians of the Galaxy, some secrets from the 2014 Marvel movie finally came out! Director James Gunn was dropping knowledge bombs on top of knowledge bombs. One of the comments from Gunn during the screening of the film included his perspective of Star-Lord dropping the precious orb when presenting it to the Collector. "On the director's commentary I say [Chris Pratt] dropped the orb on accident because I thought he did," Gunn said. "Just last year he told me hee actually did it on purpose. I believe him about 90%." Pratt doubled down.

"Hundred percent intentional," Pratt said in a tweet responding to Gunn's. "Better to ask forgiveness than permission. I learned that doing Parks and Rec. I smashed everything on that set." The moment is beloved from Guardians of the Galaxy, as Star-Lord possesses one of the most powerful objects in the Marvel Universe but maintains his clumsy demeanor by fumbling it when handing it over.

Check out Pratt and Gunn's exchange on Twitter embedded below!

The Guardians of the Galaxy cast and crew seem to have remained a tightly knit family. Gunn's Quarantine Watch Party event also included Rocket and Kraglin actor Sean Gunn, Bereet actress Melia Kreiling, Grandpa Quill actor Gregg Henry, and VFX editor Stephane Ceretti. Now, Star-Lord himself Pratt and Nebula actress Karen Gillan have also responded to tweets from the event!

How does Quarantine Watch Party work? It's easy! At the start time of the event, everybody who wishes to attend the Quarantine Watch Party presses play on their respective copy of the night's movie. Immediately from there, viewers hop on Instagram or Twitter and post using #QuarantineWatchParty and another hashtag pre-determined for the movie with their thoughts, jokes, debates and photos showing off their at-home theater set ups!


For some of the highlights from James Gunn's Quarantine Watch Party event, check out the best tweets right here!

Quarantine Watch Party events will continue to be announced through the coming weeks, bringing people together through the safety of their living rooms for unified viewings of popular movies. Have a movie you'd like to suggest? Drop it in the comments of send it my way on Instagram and Twitter!