Guardians Of The Galaxy Early Review Is Very Positive

With just about two months to go before the release of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, it's arguably not surprising that the first screenings are beginning to take place already...and given the nearly-universal reaction to the trailers, it shouldn't be shocking that the first review to break studio embargo and end up online is mostly positive.

The review ran over at Latino Review, and given their status as a news, rumor and gossip site with which Marvel doesn't have the best relationship, some fans online have doubted the bona fides of the writer.

While they theoretically could have made something up, though, Marvel's own Ryan "Agent M" Penagos tweeted today an acknowledgment that, yes, people have seen Guardians.

The review (which you can read at the link above, doesn't find the movie entirely without fault, but certainly thinks it's promising and will only get better in the final months before the film's release, as the effects and pacing are polished.

It's pretty spoilery, so read at your own risk -- and it does (assuming it's right) spoil the Stan Lee cameo, or at least implies enough for fans to put two and two together.


Entering the film with some reservations about the unknown characters and what the reviewer called a hit-or-miss director in James Gunn, his introduction asked rhetorically what you could get when you cobble these and other disparate elements together, the answered: 

"A great movie, as it turns out. Granted, the effects aren't done and a lot can change between now and August, but if they keep on the track they're going, it will be solid."