Hugh Jackman Blames Ryan Reynolds for Bleeding While Playing Wolverine During Live Show

Just when you think the faux feud between Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman is over, the two actors delight fans with more hilarious content. The men have been going at it ever since Reynolds starting pushing for Jackman to show up as Wolverine in the Deadpool films. Jackman refused, and they've been trolling each other in various ways ever since. Most recently, Jackman decided to blame Reynolds for an onstage injury during one of his live shows. While his days of playing Logan are done, Jackman is currently returning to his song and dance roots on a world tour. Apparently, he was pretending to be Wolverine during a show and cut himself.

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Seriously? 🥁

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"The first time I've played Wolverine… and actually bled. Clearly, it's @vancityreynolds fault," Jackman wrote.

"I just don't think you've been practicing enough. ⚔️," Reynolds replied.

According to the post's comments, Jackman often references Wolverine and Reynolds in the show, but last night's performance saw him actually pretending to be the character. During the bit, he reportedly cut his hand on a cymbal.

Many fans commented on the post, mostly pleading for Jackman to return to the character he played for 17 years:

"Dont do that....Dont give us hope!!!!," @weapon_dex wrote.

"WOLVERINE COME BACK TO US," @jacklewinger replied.

"Don't play with us like that, we still miss Mr. Logan, you are the one and ONLY Wolverine for us," @abraham.gonzalez81 added.

"Soooo you are Wolverine again? In the next Deadpool? Is that what you are saying Hugh!!!," @aircashtro asked.

Now that Disney has merged with Fox, it's unlikely a team-up between the actors' Marvel characters will ever occur. This is especially true now that Dark Phoenix has been released, closing the 20-year-long X-Men movie franchise. The Deadpool film series is expected to continue, but it's currently unclear how it will work in relation to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


All of Jackman's X-Men films are currently available for home viewing.