Early Iron Man Arc Reactor Revealed In New Concept Art

Tony Stark's arc reactor technology has taken many shapes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, behind the scenes, it has taken more shapes than many will ever see. In newly released concept art, a look at the arc reactor which Tony Stark had been using to power his Stark Industries plant in 2008's Iron Man has been revealed and it looks a bit different. The alternate design falls more in line with some comic book designs, matching much of the red and gold colors of Iron Man, rather than offering the light blue look from the energy which glowed from it.

"Here's a few more images from Iron Man, these were done for production designer Mike Riva to figure out the set for the Arc Reactor," Meinerding wrote in an Instagram post. "Great memories!" The designs are likely from 2007, as Iron Man released in 2008 and recently celebrated its 12th birthday. The film which launched the Marvel Cinematic Universe is really already twelve years old!

Check out Meinerding's post with the early concept art for Iron Man's arc reactor below!

Of course, the arc reactor and other technology in which Tony Stark was interested in evolved through its years in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Furthermore, this location would go on to play a role in a movie much further down the line. While the arc reactor appeared in the first movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Phase 1, it also showed up in the final movie from Phase 3. In Spider-Man: Far From Home, a sequence beside the arc reactor was revealed to play a role in one of Mysterio's cohorts turning against Tony Stark.

There is also the arc reactor which finds itself planted on Tony's chest, initially keeping shrapnel from entering his heart and killing him. That, too, would evolve and become a "housing unit for parts" in later movies after Tony had it permanently removed in Iron Man 3.


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