'Jessica Jones' Season 2's 'Daredevil' Connection Revealed

The second season of Marvel Television and Netflix's Jessica Jones was full of connections to other parts of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including one to fellow Netflix series Daredevil.

Warning: Spoilers for Jessica Jones Season 2 below.

One of the subplots in Jessica Jones Season 2 involves attorney Jeri Hogarth (Carrie-Anne Moss) and her battle both with the partners in the law firm Hogarth, Benowitz and Chao as well as with her own body and health. Early in the season, Jeri (and by extension, viewers) discovers that she has ALS. While Jeri has no plans to reveal her devastating diagnosis to anyone, her partners find out soon enough. It turns out that, as a partner, Jeri had signed paperwork that stated medical diagnosis -- specifically those that could impair her cognitive function -- had to be reported to the other partners. As ALS fits that bill, Benowitz and Chao soon attempt to force Jeri out.

Part of forcing Jeri out includes a buyout offer which is delivered to Jeri's desk by none other than Franklin "Foggy" Nelson (Elden Henson). As fans of Daredevil may recall, Foggy went to work for Hogarth, Chao and Benowitz at the end of Daredevil’s second season, hired by Jeri herself. In Jessica Jones, Foggy is upset with what Chao and Benowitz are trying to do to Jeri and offers to help her fight back, but Jeri declines. While he doesn't appear again during the season, in the finale Jeri, who has decided to leave the firm to go on her own -- taking all of her clients including Danny Rand with her -- speaks with a realtor on the phone regarding office space, the conversation implying that Foggy will be joining her in her new law firm.

This connection to Daredevil creates a nice tie between Jessica Jones and the other Netflix MCU offering and is a convenient way of keeping the door open, in a sense, for a second season of The Defenders. In The Defenders, Jessica (Krysten Ritter), Matt Murdoch/Daredevil (Charlie Cox), Luke Cage (Mike Colter), and Danny Rand/Iron Fist (Finn Jones) team up to stop The Hand in New York City. While Jessica Jones star Ritter doesn't think The Defenders will get another season largely because it was always planned to be a one-off, should Marvel and Netflix choose to go down that road again, connections like Foggy working for Jeri is just enough of a reminder that while New York is a very big city, the heroes are all connected and can come back together if their city needs them.

The second season of Jessica Jones is now streaming on Netflix.



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