Kevin Garnett Says He'll Do Marvel's Blade But Wants To Get Killed Early

One of the most talked-about films coming out of TIFF is Uncut Gems, a film created by the Safdie [...]

One of the most talked-about films coming out of TIFF is Uncut Gems, a film created by the Safdie Brothers. The film features a talented cast that includes Adam Sandler, Idina Menzel, Kevin Garnett, LaKeith Stanfield, and Julia Fox, and they were all on hand to chat about the movie and the response it's been getting. When Garnett was asked what his next project would be by Variety, he pointed to Josh Safdie, who already has an idea of what it should be, and that's Marvel's recently announced Blade reboot starring Mahershala Ali in the lead role. Garnett is totally up for it, but he has a specific part in mind, and it means he gets killed super early in the film.

"I'm finna do Blade," Garnett said. "I'm finna be a villain that gets killed early though. My only request is do not put in there fighting for 30 minutes yo unow what I'm saying? That's not what I'm going for. I want to get killed real early. Soon as we get on, Boom, I'm dead. There's the body. 'Oh, I thought that was Kevin', yeah, that type of role."

Josh Safdie had nothing but kind things to say about Garnett's performance, and knows he could handle a bigger role if he wanted to. "Nah, he's a, Kevin really blew us all away every day, he really did, and there's one scene in the movie when everyone sees it, there's like a five-page scene", to which Garnett added "which blew my mind like "I gotta say all this? What? What is...ah. We got it."

"And we got deep with it, and really subtle with the, it was amazing what we were doing in that scene," Ben Safdie said.

"Between everybody and the Safdie Brothers giving me great direction, Adam being patient with me and just walking me through, it's like conversation," Garnett said. "It was something I would totally tell a jeweler who was trying to...feel me?

You can check out the full interview in the video above.

"Kevin Garnett says he'll be in #Blade but wants to get killed early on: "Soon as we get on, boom I'm dead" | Variety Studio presented by @ATT"

As for Marvel's Blade reboot, we still don't know much about it, other than Ali will be playing the Daywalker. We don't know what villain he'll be facing or when the movie is going to be released, but here's hoping Kevin gets the part he wants.