New 'Legion' Season 2 Teaser Features Aubrey Plaza As Doctor Busker

A brand new teaser for the upcoming premiere of Legion teases the return of the sadistic Dr. Lenny Busker, whose more likely to degrade your mental state rather than fortify it.

The teaser features Aubrey Plaza's character speaking to the viewer as if she has their best interests at heart, but it becomes clear that she's just trying to make you question everything you know about the series. Check it out above.

Dr. Lenny made a splash in Chapter 6, in which she traps the mutants of Summerland in a shared hallucination powered by David's immense psychic abilities.

They learn that Lenny is a psychic parasite that used to be the Shadow King, though no one is sure where Amahl Farouk's physical form is located. The Shadow King has attempted to take control of David's body ever since he was a child, and the latest attempt comes in the form of Lenny.

Though they eventually defeat the Shadow King and cast Lenny from David's mind, she latches onto the powerful psychic Oliver Bird and the two escape in the Season 1 Finale. She's expecting to make a major impact on the characters yet again in Season 2.

Legion will pick up one year after the battle with the Shadow King, when David was last seen captured by a flying orb and imprisoned against his will. Though they determined he didn't have schizophrenia and that his illness was the result of the parasite, he now has many more problems to deal with.

Executive producer and showrunner Noah Hawley previously said that Season 1 was about an insane man in a sane world, and he's flipping that for Season 2. Legion's new episodes will be about a sane man in an insane world, and we're likely to see David struggle to cope with the new status quo after reuniting with his friends.


All the while, the Shadow King's presence will loom, with actor Navid Negahban playing the role of the classic mutant villain. But what is Lenny's endgame and is the beef with Oliver over? And of course, what about that tease of Professor X from the last season? Will David's biological father and the leader of the X-Men turn up in the new episodes?

We'll learn more when Legion returns to FX for Season 2 on Tuesday, April 3rd.