Loki Episode 5 Recap Trailer Released by Marvel

It may seem like Marvel's Loki is just getting started, but its first season is actually about to [...]

It may seem like Marvel's Loki is just getting started, but its first season is actually about to end in just a couple of days. Loki comes to a close with its sixth episode on Wednesday, which hopefully means that fans will be getting a lot of answers this week. There are so many theories and potential plot threads heading into the finale that it could go in just about any direction, and no one really has any clue how it will come to an end.

Regardless of how it actually ends this week, a refresher is always helpful heading into a finale for a show as big and complicated as Loki. On Monday, Marvel Studios and Disney+ took to Twitter to share a short recap trailer, which goes through the highlights from the penultimate episode ahead of the finale.

"The clock is ticking," reads the tweet from Marvel. "Relive episode five of Marvel Studios' [Loki] before the finale this Wednesday on [Disney+]."

This teaser sticks strictly to the biggest moments from "Journey Into Mystery," especially the mission revealed in the final few minutes. What the trailer doesn't show, however, are the multitudes of great Easter eggs that were stuffed into the penultimate episode. This includes the appearance of Frog Thor, aka Throg, who fans are hoping to see again in the finale, or potentially down the road in Season 2.

Loki head writer Michael Waldron certainly wouldn't rule out a return for the character.

"I mean, look, obviously now you see there's a big response to it," Waldron told ComicBook.com. "There was a version of [a longer scene] written and shot. And I think if he exists in the Void, then perhaps he exists elsewhere and in another branch somewhere. So you never know, you never know where that little rascal is."

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The final episode of Loki Season 1 will be released on Disney+ on Wednesday morning.