Mark Ruffalo Congratulates Avengers: Endgame Team On Oscar Nomination

Fresh off their win for Best Visual Effects at Critics' Choice Awards last night, Marvel Studios and Avengers: Endgame woke up this morning to an Academy Award nomination in the same category. Fans of the movie, now the highest grossing film of all time, have been praising the film's well earned nomination all day with the studio itself acknowledging the nomination in a congratulatory post earlier. Now star Mark Ruffalo is adding onto the pile, posting some behind-the-scenes photos from the set of the film that really put into perspective how much work from the visual effects team goes into making the Marvel movies complete.

"Going from mocap suits and green screens to epic battle scenes truly takes a village," Ruffalo said. "And what a great village it is! Congrats to the #Endgame team for the Best Visual Effects #Oscar nomination!"

Ruffalo's appearance in Endgame is exclusively done through visual effects, as his Hulk character has taken on a new form via "Smart Hulk." Last year we spoke with overall VFX supervisor Dan DeLuuw, the Marvel Studios executive in charge of wrangling all visual effects vendors, where revealed he and his team had worked on Endgame's Smart Hulk for years.

"We'd actually done a test before both movies had started," he raclled. "They were working on Thor: Ragnarok with Mark down in Australia and we wanted some motion capture footage of him. So on their motion capture day, the Russo's got on the phone with Mark and Taika [Waititi] and they said, well this is kind of what we're looking for. It's basically Banner in an over-size Hulk body and so they just kind of riffed on this crazy idea and Mark was just kind of ad-libbing, trying to type on a computer keyboard and he can't because his fingers are too big and so he gets angry and kicks over a table and knocks it over."


With Endgame's nomination this marks the eleventh film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to be recognized by The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences at The Oscars. Black Panther was highlighted in a significant way during last year's proceedings, bringing home three wins (the first of the entire MCU) from a total of seven nominations, including Best Picture. Endgame launched a similarly-ambitious For Your Consideration campaign last year, with some hope that it would be honored by the event in some way.