Marvel's Protectors of Wakanda Gets Brand New Release Date

Protectors of Wakanda: A History and Training Manual is now releasing on September 20th. Marvel announced the swap today and Black Panther fans can't wait. On the heels of that emotional trailer for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, interest in the Dora Milaje will only increase. November 11th is fast approaching and people will be looking for any tidbits about the world of Wakanda. Karma Horne is digging into the history of the Dora Milaje. In the comics, there was some real space to imagine their future. However, not a lot of writers have spent time ruminating on what this group of elite warriors would look like in everyday practice. Inside the book, there are entries from General Okoye, Princess Shuri, and Queen Mother Ramonda. Strategies, weapons, and combat training all come into focus. It will be a fascinating read. Check out more about it down below as Horne spoke to The Root.

"It dawned on me that the Dora Milaje don't really have a history in the comics," she explained. "We see them come in and out, they're these beautiful bald women who are warriors, but I was like where do they come from, how do they get picked? We know they come from all over Wakanda, but what does that look like? And that's what I decided to explore in this book."

"This idea of Wakanda hadn't really been codified, and there were all these amazing surprises, things that I found along the way that I think people who are fans of the movies are going to be surprised about," Horne added. "Because the comic book lore is a little bit different." 

"Everything in the book utilizes the technology that we have seen to date. I introduce a couple of new things, but they're not that far out of the realm of possibility if you already know the parameters of the worlds of Wakanda, as well as the types of vibranium that are found there," shed continued. "There's equal parts physical training, but there's also technological, as well as language. Every single Dora must speak a minimum of seven languages, half of those are traditional African languages."

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