Marvel Error Puts Captain America in a New Red Costume

Captain America is no stranger to new costumes, and thanks to what appears to be a coloring error on Marvel Comics' part, the star-spangled Avenger is decked out in red. Earlier this month, with the release of Immortal Hulk #7, fans noticed the Avengers leader in his new scarlet garb and were left scratching their heads.

No, Captain America isn't joining the Thunderbolts circa 2013 when everyone wore black-and-red costumes, nor is he cosplaying as Alpha Flight's Guardian, and given the rigid routines in the life of Steve Rogers, we're pretty sure he doesn't mix his reds when doing the laundry. This is a good old-fashioned coloring error.

You can check out the error from Immortal Hulk #7 below:

Red Captain America
(Photo: Joe Bennett / Marvel Entertainment)

The issue in question, which also sees Tony Stark debut a new Hulkbuster armor, is one every fan needs to pick up.'s own Chase Magnett says, "This is still a series that loves twisting the narrative and surprising readers, and it manages to do so in a very big way in its final two pages: two of the best pages in this outstanding series so far." He even went as far to say, "After seven outstanding issues, one thing that is clear about The Immortal Hulk is that it represents the absolute best of what Marvel Comics can achieve in 2018."

Bruce Banner's abusive father has come back in the form of a haunting specter and has sent Hulk on a rampage like no other. The Hulk is smarter, more vengeful and scarier than the Avengers have ever seen him.

So what do you think of Captain America's new duds? Is it a look you want to see continue? Maybe even carried over into the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

As it looks right now, Marvel might not have any plans to correct the coloring mishap but we've reached out to see if that might change. If not, the issue might become a hot item for speculators given the first printing of the book absolutely features the mishap. The second printing might not.


UPDATE: Marvel has said the coloring error will be corrected in future reprints and on digital editions of Immortal Hulk #7. So get those first-print copies while you can!

Are you reading Immortal Hulk by Al Ewing and company? Let us know what you think of Cap's red threads or the series in general in the comments below.