Marvel's Halloween Special Begins Filming

Production is underway on Marvel's yet-to-be-named Halloween special, featuring iconic Marvel horror mainstay Werewolf By Night in the lead role. Despite not having been announced by Marvel Studios officials, the official production office of the state of Georgia has listed Buzzcut as a production that's in active photography. Thanks to the works of internet sleuths last year, namely the crew over at Murphy's Multiverse, Buzzcut was revealed to be the working title of what many thought to be a Werewolf By Night special.

At one point, it was believed the Halloween special was focused — and named, for that matter — on the character played by Gael Garcia Bernal, but reports have suggested it'll be more of a general "Spooky Season" celebration rather than named after a single character.

Whatever the case, frequent Marvel collaborator Michael Giacchino has been lined up to helm the project, his first chance in the director's chair within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Prior to this, the filmmaker has earned composer credits on Doctor Strange, all three Spider-Man movies, Matt Reeves' The Batman, and a host of other genre-oriented projects.

Interestingly enough, Werewolf by Night is a Marvel comics series in which Moon Knight/Marc Spector first appeared, leading some to believe an official announcement could come at some point during Disney+'s Moon Knight release process.

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