Marvel Releases 'Infinity Wars' Launch Trailer

The next major Marvel event is upon us. Following the shocking opening salvo in Infinity Wars Prime, Marvel has released a new trailer for Infinity Wars.

Infinity Wars Prime brought saw the mysterious new villain Requiem slay the Mad Titan, Thanos. Infinity Wars writer Gerry Duggan says in the trailer that this was done deliberately to show that Infinity Wars is not simply a retread of The Infinity Gauntlet event.

"I didn't pitch his death lightly," Duggan says. "It's integral to the story of Infinity Wars. You've all seen Thanos with the Gauntlet. This is a new story.

"Act I of Infinity Wars is kind of like The Warriors, but the gangs each have a Power Stone. If you ever wanted to see a battle royale where the Infinity Stones are front and center, this event is for you."

Duggan is working with artist Mike Deodato to bring Infinity Wars to life.

"Having Mike Deodato draw this has been absolutely epic," says editor Jordan D. White. "It looks absolutely amazing. You saw his work on Infinity Countdown Prime, you saw his work on Infinity Wars Prime, and Infinity Wars itself looks even better."

White also brought up the warped characters that have been teased previously. These characters will be created as a result of the events of Infinity Wars.

"In Infinity Wars #3, we create something called the Infinity Warps," White Says. "All the characters of the Marvel universe get smashed together into these new characters. You've got Iron Man and you get Thor and they get smashed together into Iron hammer. You've got Spider-Man and Moon Knight, they get smashed together and become ArachKnight."

Of course, the biggest mystery hanging over Infinity Wars is the identity of Requiem, the new player who introduced herself by cutting off Thanos' head.

"'Who is Requiem?' now is the bigger question," White says. "What is Requiem going to do with these Infinity Stones?"

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Infinity Wars #1 goes on sale August 1st.

Infinity Wars #1 (of 6)
(W) Gerry Duggan (A/CA) Mike Deodato


As the Infinity Stones come to Earth, so too comes the war for control over them. But none who wield the stones know the truth about the power they contain...or what it would take to bring them to their END. The nature of the universe itself hangs in the balance as we learn the answer to the question on everyone's lips since "Infinity Wars Prime": WHO IS REQUIEM? Gerry Duggan (DEADPOOL, INFINITY COUNTDOWN) and Mike Deodato Jr. (ORIGINAL SIN, OLD MAN LOGAN) look into the Infinite and bring the truth to light!

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