Marvel's Netflix Series Likely Moving to Disney's Streaming Service in 2019

The news that Disney is starting its own streaming service to compete with Netflix has caused major stir in the industry, as insiders and viewers all try to map out what the fallout will be.

The Marvel and Star Wars brands have been a particular focus of discussion, as their prominence on Netflix led to speculation that Disney could allow a small contingent of material to remain on Netflix. However, soon after word came down that Marvel and Star Wars movies are definitely being moved over to the Disney service -- and now we have confirmation that Marvel's Netflix series will be doing the same.

The WSJ did a feature on this "Netflix v Disney" showdown that's coming, and the trade states the following: "...while [Disney] currently produces Marvel superhero series such as "Daredevil" for Netflix, new Marvel shows in the future are expected to live on the company's own streaming service."

Clearly, the statement doesn't yet fully clarify what will happen with the Marvel shows that Netflix already produces; however, additional reporting reveals that Disney is looking to acquire 20th Century Fox properties precisely for the reason of consolidating Marvel entities like Fox's X-Men universe. That kind of aggressive acquisition suggests that Disney is all-too-serious about being the biggest Netflix competitor it can be, which would further suggest that the Netflix Marvel shows will eventually be consolidated on Disney's streaming service.

It's an effective strategy: even now, hardcore fans of geek culture properties like Marvel and Star Wars are begrudgingly moaning about have to subscribe to yet another service -- so in their minds, they're already making the switch. For Marvel fans, consolidation is probably a good thing, as having to search in different places (Netflix, Cable On Demand, Hulu) for Marvel Cinematic Universe material is already a chore.


The big exodus from Netflix to Disney's streaming service will be coming in 2019.