Marvel Recreates 'Thor Ragnarok' Moment In 'Incredible Hulk' Comic

Thor: Ragnarok featured a variety of memorable moments, but one of the film's most entertaining has found its way into the comics.

Spoilers incoming for Incredible Hulk #711, so if you haven't read it yet you've been warned.

One of Thor: Ragnarok's early selling points was the moment when Thor realizes his opponent is going to be the Hulk, who he fought beside in Avengers. Thor is thrilled at this of course, leading to the "I know him!" moment seen in the first trailers. That moment got a unique spin in this week's issue of Incredible Hulk by Greg Pak and Greg Land, which places Hulk in the Thor role.

It's different in a few ways of course. The Hulk currently on Sakaar is not Bruce Banner as in the movies but is Amadeus Cho. Cho is currently fighting in the arena in battles to determine the planet's new ruler. Thus far he's knocked off three opponents sent at him by the current Warlord, but the Warlord doesn't take losing very well, and with two fights left he calls in a new opponent to knock Hulk off his pedestal.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Upon seeing his new opponent Hulk laughs. The Warlord asks him "you dare laugh Monster?", to which Hulk says "Joke's on you, Lickspit! I know this guy! He's a friend from--"

Before he can finish his sentence he gets walloped by a magical ax, with the next page revealing that it is Odinson who is the Hulk's next opponent. Like Hulk in Ragnarok, Odinson doesn't seem to care that they've met before, but there is a device on his chest that could be the reason why.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

It's a nice callback to Ragnarok but is certainly not the first example of the MCU bleeding into the comics realm. It also won't be the last time it happens, especially after Avengers: Infinity War hits.

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