Marvel Studios Twitter Accounts For Moon Knight & More Possibly Found

Fans have discovered what they think are official Twitter accounts being held in reserve for when [...]

Fans have discovered what they think are official Twitter accounts being held in reserve for when Disney needs to promote Marvel series Moon Knight, She-Hulk, I Am Groot, and other upcoming Disney+ projects. Reddit user "samoht99" took to the forum to share a number of URLs that appear to be placeholder Twitter accounts for numerous upcoming Marvel TV projects. It's possible that some or all of them are not official Twitter accounts, but once the thread got started, numerous contributors brainstormed and argued about whether the accounts (and some new additions) could be real.

The accounts listed in the thread include Moon Knight, Ms Marvel, I Am Groot, Hawkeye, What If...?, She-Hulk , Armor Wars, Blade, and Secret Invasion. Some have been created recently, while some are older, although even the ones created some time ago could either have been claimed by Marvel when they seemed strategically important, or could have been acquired by Disney in the time since.

This is not unlike last week when, shortly before The CW's scheduling presentation, fans found Twitter accounts which appeared to be official, held in wait for some of the network's TV pilots, leading to speculation that those projects would be picked up. Instead, it appears as though they were activated just in case, to prevent another user from camping on them, because while Naomi got picked up, and that account is now verified, similar accounts for Tom Swift and Powerpuff remain quiet.

This comes as production news heats up on Moon Knight, with social media posts and even some set spy photos making headlines and getting fans excited. Marvel's next TV property, Loki, is just a couple of weeks from its premiere, and Black Widow, the first new Marvel feature film since Spider-Man: Homecoming, is set for a theatrical release in the U.S. on July 9. That movie will get a joint Disney+ launch, but following the strong box office performance of the latest Fast & Furious movie this past weekend, it seems as though theatrical exhibitors are getting their legs back under them again, meaning that it's likely we won't see any more Marvel movies going to streaming in the immediate future after that.