X-Men: What Is Mother Mold?

The Sentinels are one of the oldest threats to the X-Men and other mutants of the Marvel universe. Sentinels have been upgraded over time with new threats to their programmed prey. In House of X, they've upgraded again and writer Jonathan Hickman describes the taxonomy of Sentinels.

Hickman lays it out in a graphic included in House of X #3. He refers to Sentinels Mark I - VIII as Alpha Sentinels. These are the classic mutant-hunting robots of early X-Men adventures. They cannot replicate and they cannot adapt. They came in many different sizes and styles, but they couldn't evolve past what their creator built and programmed into them.

Then there came Master Mold, a self-aware Sentinel factory. Mast Mold is capable of adapting and of replicating legions of Sentinel drones.

Then comes the newest Sentinel threat, the Mother Mold. Like the Master Molds, Mother Mold is self-aware and capable of adaptation. It can create new Master Molds and may be capable of evolving past its intended programming by building Sentinels with Nano-Sentinel technology.

Mother Mold
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Project Orchis is bringing a Mother Mold online near the sun. This caught the interest of the X-Men because a Mother Mold coming online is a precursor to the emergence of Nimrod, the ultimate Sentinel form. Nimrod is a Nano-Sentinel that is self-aware, self-replicating, adaptive, and almost indestructible. In almost every timeline that Moira X has lived through, Nimrod is the end of life as mutants know it. This is why Professor X had Cyclops assemble an elite strike team to infiltrate the Project Orchis base and prevent Mother Mold from coming online.

There are also Omega Sentinels, which are humans infected with Nano-Sentinel technology. Nano-Sentinel technology transforms the human into a machine. The best known of these Omega Sentinels is Karima Shapandar. Karima had overcome her programming, regained her humanity, and allied herself with the X-Men for a time. Now she appears to be working with Project Orchis to bring Mother Mold online.

Do you think the X-Men can handle Mother Mold? Let us know what you think in the comments. House of X #3 is on sale now.

House of X #3
(W) Jonathan Hickman (A/CA) Pepe Larraz


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