Marvel Announces Cable

Cable is getting a new solo series from Marvel this March. The publisher today announce Cable #1, written by Gerry Duggan with art by Phil Noto. The series stars the younger version of Cable who came back in time and killed his older self for being derelict in his duty. Now Cable lives with the other mutants on the island of Krakoa. But what's a soldier to do to keep busy in paradise? Nathan Summers is going looking for trouble and his destiny. As he did with X-Force, Cable will also be taking some other young mutant under his wing. This time they include young X-Men like Armor and Pixie.

Marvel promises the new Cable series will include "adventurous fun and high-stakes thrills, with monsters, space prophecies, romance, and of course, explosions!" Duggan wrote the character previously during his run on Uncanny Avengers. He's also known for his run writing Deadpool and for his current work on another Dawn of X era X-Men series, Marauders. Noto is known for his work on Marvel's Star Wars line and runs on Black Widow and Daredevil.

“I’m thrilled to be back working in the X-Universe and very happy to get the band back together with my buddy, Gerry Duggan,” says Noto. “Cable’s always been a favorite of mine and it’s fun to work in a painterly style again ala Black Widow. Very excited for people to read this book. I think we’re doing something really special. Stay tuned!”

Cable #1 Cover
(Photo: Marvel)

This version of Cable debuted in the pages of the Extermination event. He then went on to team up with X-Force. In the Dawn of X era, he's been featured in the pages of X-Men fighting alongside other members of the Summers family. He's also one of the main characters in Fallen Angels, a series featuring mutants who don't always fit in on Krakoa, including Cable, Psylocke, and X-23.


This is the fourth new series announced as part of the second wave of Dawn of X titles. Head of X Jonathan Hickman will write a series of Giant-Size X-Men one-shots, the first focusing on Jean Grey and Emma Frost and the second spotlighting Magneto. Benjamin Percy and Adam Kubert will launch a new Wolverine ongoing series in February. In March, the ongoing Hellions series, featuring the most motley crew of mutants ever assembled, will also launch.

Art and Cover by PHIL NOTO