Marvel's Agents of SHIELD Comic-Con Recap

They play Coulson's lines from one of Agents of SHIELD's first episodes, and then Jeph Loeb comes out. Loeb says the audience knows we're wrapping up the series, but wants them to know this is an ending the fans deserve because they rock. He wants to thank everyone involved with the show, but also thanks the fans who got us through 136 hours of the show. Then brings out the panel, Jeff Bell, Maurissa Tanchroen, Jed Whedon, Jeff Ward, Natalia Cordova-Buckley, Elizabeth Henstridge, Ming-Na Wen, Chloe Bennett, Henry, and Clark Gregg.

Going to have Henry roll some clips and go through each season, ask them their favorite memories because this is really about a celebration.

Starting off with season 1. Play clip with Coulson giving his speech about protecting the world from the much weirder world. Show highlights from season 1 and ends with Director Coulson.

Gregg says season 1 is magical place. When I stepped on this stage with the cast of the Avengers in 2010 I think, not long after that I was dead, and this really nic guy I met in the green room named Whedon said: "well we think you may not be so dead". He passed it on to Maurissa and Jed", who led us on this incredible journey.

Also gives kudos to the people who organized Coulson Lives. Shouts out producer Gary Brown.

Footage rolls from season 2, showing highlights of the season.

Ming-Na Wen says just how much the people behind the scenes made the show work, and Gregg spotlights Jeff Bell.

Right now we're shooing the very last episode, and we came in with this energy of "hi I'm happy to see you" and then makes crying sounds.

Footage plays from season 3, showing highlights.

Henry recalls only being brought on to be Fitz' mechanic friend, but then once they got him on set the showrunners knew they had to keep him as a regular. Jed said "did someone hear money? Can you hear money?"

Footage plays from season 4, showing highlights.

Henstridge gave a compliment but it turned into something quite entertaining.

Footage plays from season 5 showing highlights.

"These guys all know I was cast in a different part, as Virgil who gets killed," Ward said. Gregg says he killed the table read. "Jeff came in, was this one character that died, and I've never heard a table read, no one reacted like that. We didn't know who he was at all. He just came in and stole the part," Bennett said.

Q&A section

During the 5 year gap during Endgame where were you guys, these stories take place before that happened.

Possibly a spinoff of Quake and name in space. "have been talks of a comic following that storyline the adventures in space. Whedon.

Is Sarge an alternate universe version of Coulson: I think there's an episode on Friday night that will answer some of those questions.

Will Fitz and Simmons get married again? Sure

Is there any chance we'll see Agents in the MCU post season 7? None of us know! Always a chance, anything can happen" Whedon said.


Trailer plays

Quake tells Coulson (Sarge) "Show us what you really are." Coulson breaks a wall. "Things are coming back to me. The Memory. The pain, coursing through every bone in my body," Coulson says." "The person who is in there is not the man that you love," Quake tells May. "Coulson died a year ago. I'm done pretending like that didn't happen." The mysterious woman who Coulson is attacking says "You're not hunting me you're longing for me." They seem to be working together." Quake and Coulson battle it out, and Coulson tells her "You've always been capable of more than you think. Now do it!"

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