Marvel's Blade Rumored to Be Headed to Hulu

It might be sooner than later that Marvel's vampire hunter extraordinaire hits television once more, as a new report indicates that Blade could be headed to Hulu. According to MCU Cosmic, a reliable source indicates that Blade is one several horror-themed characters that Marvel is planning on using soon, and naturally, it would make sense for him to end up on Hulu if the studio's other recent moves are anything to go by. Marvel Television recently revealed that Ghost Rider and Helstrom are headed to Hulu to join Runaways, itself a show that dabbles in the supernatural from time to time. If this latest report is true, it would seem you can add one more big name to the mix.

Runaways will feature a big dive into the supernatural next season with the recent casting of Elizabeth Hurley as Morgan le Fay, and combined with the previous Ghost Rider and Helstrom reveals, it would seem Marvel is building a Spirits of Vengeance-verse on their streaming platform.

Blade would fit into that mix perfectly, and it would keep the character's momentum in the books over the past few months. Recently Blade joined the Avengers in their ongoing series and has made an impact on War of the Realms as well, and will be at the center of Marvel's next event to boot. It seems Marvel is intent on getting the most out of their vampire killer, and exploring the fan favorite in a television series would be the next logical step.

Of course, a movie could also be in the works, though the character and his world just seem to fit more naturally into Hulu's immediate universe than the current day MCU. That can always change mind you, but guess we'll have to wait and see.

Regardless of whether it's on TV or film, we do hope that original Blade actor Wesley Snipes at least has some small part to play in it. There's been talk for years of Snipes reprising the role, though that was in regards to a continuation of the series, ala Blade 4. It remains to be seen if he would return for something more akin to a reboot than a revival.


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