Moon Knight Writer Reveals Inspiration for the Show's Two Costumes

There has never been another Marvel Studios project quite like Moon Knight. The new Disney+ series explores uncharted territory for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, dealing with Egyptian gods and Dissociative Identity Disorder, rather than traditional superhero fare. To match the tonal departure, the series needed some wild costumes that would set themselves apart as well. Moon Knight certainly delivered, with not one but two suits that have blown the minds of fans.

Both the Moon Knight and Mr. Knight suits are supernatural in nature, appearing on Steven and Marc when called upon. The show uses mummy-like effects to make this happen, tying the costume to its Egyptian origins and making it look totally different from other superhero suits. Head writer Jeremy Slater recently took to Twitter to explain the story behind the conception of the suits.

"My very first idea for the show was a scene where Steven was trapped in a bathroom by a monster, only to be saved by the man in the mirror. So right from the beginning, I knew his suit would need to be supernatural," Slater wrote in the thread. "(It wouldn't make sense for Steven to be wearing a bulky costume beneath his clothes, after all, or for Marc to always have to fetch his costume from some hiding spot.) So we knew the suit would need to be conjured into existence somehow. We just didn't know how."

Slater went on to say that Marvel producer Nick Pepin was largely responsible for the idea that launched this version of the suit. Pepin brought in some art from the Universe X version of Moon Knight, and that provided all the inspiration they needed.

"We realized if the suit was conjured into existence *like the bandages on a mummy* it would feel visually distinct from all the Stark/nanotech suits that currently populate the MCU," he continued. "We pitched the 'summoning' idea to Kevin Feige using the Universe X costume as a visual aid. He loved it... but wanted us to take it a step further. It was Kevin's idea to combine the modern Moon Knight look with Universe X mummy bandages. The end result is one of the coolest costumes we've ever seen in the MCU, brought to brilliant life by Marvel's team of artists and designers. And it all started with a 20-year-old piece of comic art pinned to a whiteboard."

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