Moon Knight Episode 2 Review: Meet Marc Spector, Mr. Knight

Moon Knight took the world by storm with its premiere episode – but does Marvel's new Disney+ series sustain the momentum in Episode 2? In "Summon the Suit" we have to deal with both the aftermath of Episode 1's big cliffhanger ending, as well as the deepening mystery of what is going on between the two personas of Steven Grant and Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac) and the mysterious entity that is watching over them (Konshu). 

(WARNING: Moon Knight Episode 2 SPOILERS Follow!) 

Hero Work Isn't Paid Work

Moon Knight Episode 1 ended with Ethan Hawke's villain Arthur Harrow summoning a Jackal-like beast of the Egyptian goddess Ammit to attack Steven Grant at the museum where he works, after closing time. Steven and Marc had an internal argument about how to handle the calamity, with Steven ultimately surrendering control to Marc, who brought out the Moon Knight suit to fight the beast. 

Well, in Episode 2 we get the aftermath of the fight – largely by avoiding it. Steven wakes back up in his bed as usual (relatively speaking), and thinks the whole encounter was a dream until he gets back to the museum. There it's clear that he was responsible for the "vandalism" of the bathrooms, but the supernatural creature after him cannot be seen on camera, and "Marc" similarly keeps Moon Knight out of sight. Ultimately, Steven is fired from the Museum due to the incident, as well as his clear lack of mental health. 

Meet Layla 

A desperate Steven starts his own investigation into who – or what – "Marc Spector" really is. That investigation takes Steven to a storage locker that Marv has been using as a safe house. It is there that Steven discovers the Scarab artifact everyone is after – and also when Steven has a full-fledged vision of Konshu chasing him. 

Steven's mad-dash escape from the voices in his head brings him physically tumbling into Layla (May Calamawy) who is revealed to be Marc Spector's wife! Layla is jaded and doesn't believe "Steven Grant" is anything more than Marc toying with her – like he is by keeping the Sacrab (an object they had many "adventures" trying to find) to himself. However, when two cops (with Marvel Comics Easter egg names) show up to arrest Steven and try and take the Scarab, Layla begins to realize this is NOT the Marc she knew. 

The Suits of Konshu

(Photo: Marvel Studios)

The cops are some of Harrow's agents, and they take Marc to meet the cult leader in a town that serves as his base. Steven and Harrow managed to have a cordial walk-and-talk moment; Harrow reveals more about what Konshu is, as well as his own origin as the former avatar of the Moon God. However, Harrow slowly but surely also reveals that he's pretty insane as well, and seeks to use the Scarab to find Ammit and use her power to wipe evil (and all those who do it) off the face of the Earth

Layla arrives with the Scarab in time to save Steven, and a classic Marvel hero vs. villain fight ensues. Harrow releases another Jackal to attack Steven and Layla, but Steven is unwilling to give Marc/Moon Knight control, after learning some horrific possible atrocities Marc committed as a mercenary. Instead, Steven is prompted to "summon the suit" and ends up creating his own version of Moon Knight! 

Fans will recognize "Mr. Knight's" signature white tailored suit from the comics, but the Marvel Cinematic Universe version is much different, using Steven's persona (not Marc) as the basis for the Mr. Knight manifestation. Still, "Mr. Knight" isn't around long before the Jackal thrashes him enough for Steven to finally give Marc/Moon Knight full control again.

Race to Ammit

After Moon Knight kills the second Jackal, Marc betrays Steven's trust by refusing to give control back to him. After a heated argument, Marc basically banishes Steven, before getting his next command from Konshu. The episode ends on the reveal of Marc a half-naked Marc Spector drinking his brain numb in a hotel room that is overlooking the Pyramids of Egypt! 



Moon Knight Episode 2 proves the pacing of the show has been well-considered, as we get a balance of explanation and a new mystery to propel us forward. Oscar Isaac's performance only seems more impressive as he gets to add more "personas" to his role; conversely, this episode also cemented that Ethan Hawke is one of the most terrifying Marvel villains, solely on the strength of his presence and performance. That said, there are also just as many examples of MCU Moon Knight being a major departure from the comics as there are deep-cut Easter eggs from the comics in this episode. How longtime fans feel about that remains to be seen... 

Moon Knight is now streaming on Disney+.