Ms. Marvel Directors Detail Secrecy Surrounding Season Finale's Mutant Reveal

The Season 1 finale of Ms. Marvel debuted this past week, taking the Marvel Cinematic Universe into an entirely new direction. The live-action series introduced fans to the world of Kamala Khan / Ms. Marvel (Iman Vellani), before ultimately taking it into a path wildly different from what's in the pages of Marvel Comics. This was the case all the way through to the finale's final moments, which seemed to heavily imply that Kamala is actually a mutant, as opposed to a member of the Inhumans. That detail definitely shocked fans in a lot of ways — and according to Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, who executive produced the series and directed the season finale, it was also a shock for them.

"For us, we saw that in the script, and when we asked about it, Kevin Feige said, 'Yeah, don't worry. Just shoot the scene, and then that's it,'" Fallah explained to in an exclusive interview following the finale. "Because he was like, 'Focus on the show,' and everything that's outside — whenever we'd ask questions about other shows or The Marvels..."

"Or [the] future," El Arbi echoed.

"He said no," Fallah continued. "Just focus on the scene."

"And put that little music in it and that's that," El Arbi revealed. 

For El Arbi and Fallah, who are self-described fanboys of the comics, being able to help tee up mutants in the MCU was "a big honor."

"It was a big honor that [it's] a part of the show, and that's the start of it," El Arbi revealed. "So that was super cool. But it was something that was kept so much under secret, that we didn't know about it until the very, very last moments ourselves. So we were as surprised as everybody that eventually saw it there. And by that time that we had that, it was like 'Whoa!' And then fanboy[ing], and then not having any answers, not getting any answer. Just focus on that. Focus on making it into the show, and that's it."

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